GCSEs mirror A Level success!

There was a huge sigh of relief at King Edward’s this morning as Year 11 students celebrated their GCSE results.  10 students in total got 9s or 8 in eight or more of their GCSE subjects with 98% (140) students getting a pass grade or higher in both their English and their Mathematics GCSEs with 120 students also getting a pass or higher in the EBAC subjects.  It was another record set of results following fast on the heels of last week’s A Level success.

Parents, students and staff had all been worried about the impact of the harder GCSE courses and the possibility of a collapse in grades across the country.  Instead for the second year King Edward’s students saw results rise mirroring last week’s record A Level results.  Many students were genuinely shocked by their grades for positive reasons achieving grades 8 or 9 the equivalent of the old A* when they had thought they might be getting a 5 or a 6 the equivalent of a B grade.

James Lascelles, Headmaster of King Edwards said “It has been a real thrill this morning talking to our students and their parents and our staff.  Everyone was worried this year, staff, pupils, parents and it is a massive relief, and a welcome surprise to hear so many brilliant success stories”

The Mathematics results were especially pleasing given the national concerns about the papers but students at King Edward’s did really well with close to half of the grades at the very highest level, beaten only by Biology with 60%.  Overall with only a few exceptions all students achieved passes or higher in all of their subjects.

The school has introduced new subjects at A Level which includes Business Studies, Media Studies, Photography, Sociology and Theatre Studies and has some places available for any Year 11 students wanting to start this September.


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