SlamJam Heat 2019

On Thursday 2nd May, KEVIGS took up the opportunity to accommodate this year’s SlamJam heat against students of schools from the local area. SlamJam is a spoken word programme that encourages young people to create and execute their own performance poetry. All performance pieces must be original and performed by the writer(s), with the subject matter entirely in their own hands. Each performance should be three minutes long, and the use of scripts and props in the performance is not allowed. Over recent years, SlamJam has become an important event at our school, with many of our students participating annually, eager to test their poetic flare.

This year, the performing students representing KEVIGS included Jasmine Ashworth, Miriam Dodd, Maggie Law and Jasmin Burningham, who all competed against other pupils from De Aston, Caistor Yarborough and Baysgarth.

The judging panel consisted of Jan Kemp (the organiser of SlamJam) and Chris Milnes (a representative of The Rotary Club), as well as Jamie Thrasivoulou – an award-winning resident and performance poet, writer and lyricist from Derby, who the contestants were fortunate enough to enjoy a performance from at the end of the evening. All of the performers were eager to impress the judges in the hope that their execution would allow them to reach the SlamJam final, which is to take place on Thursday 20th June at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre.

The SlamJam organisers began the evening with a brief welcome to everyone there, before all of the entries of the heat were given the chance to perform their poem to the judges. Jasmine Ashworth performed her poem ‘Green’, Miriam Dodd executed her poem ‘What’s Wrong’, whilst together Maggie Law and Jasmin Burningham presented their poem ‘Murder on the Playground.’ All three of the entrants from KEVIGS were exceedingly varied, each choosing to take on different styles of performance and using their individual voices to tell a unique story to the audience. All of our students shone out as strong competitors, and undoubtedly deserved their place at the heat.

Miss Nurse commented, “Their poems were insightful, poignant and humorous, making the English department extremely proud.”

After their performances, the judges made it clear just how impressed they were with the KEVIGS performers through their appraisal of not only their writing, but also their skills as performers. On top of that, a teacher from another school informed Jasmine Ashworth that she had used her poem from the previous year’s final as inspiration for her own pupils entering this year.

After careful consideration of each performance, the judges decided to invite both Jasmine Ashworth and Miriam Dodd to participate in the final later this month. We offer them congratulations and wish them the best of luck for the night. Our commiserations are with Maggie Law and Jasmin Burningham who unfortunately were not invited to the final this year – the English Department hope to see them entering again next year!

For anyone interested in attending the final later this month, tickets can be purchased through the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre website, box office, or on the door the night of the performances. The cost per ticket is £5.

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