Geek Fest 2019

To broadcast KEVIGS’s love for both maths and a challenge, the Maths Department hosted their annual GeekFest once again last week. GeekFest is an inclusive maths challenge for all year groups, with a varying level of difficulty, meaning that year seven to twelve could take part in the competition. Students are put into their houses in order to gain house points.

During GeekFest, the department aims to appeal to students of all abilities and encourages them to try their best, even if maths isn’t their forte. Some of the activities included making complex shapes from Play-Doh, completing a challenging CrossNumber (like a crossword but with numbers), mental arithmetic tasks and estimation skills.

“During our annual GeekFest, we reclaim the word geek and make is something to be proud of,” explained Jonathan Todd, Director of Mathematics and Computing. “As a grammar school, I think it’s our job to inspire a love of learning and GeekFest is a mathematical celebration of using different techniques to solve problems. Alongside this the students learn how to work in a team and the resilience to keep going even if finding a solution is challenging.”

Well done to all students who participated and tried their best!

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