Year Seven Local History Project

On Thursday 10th January, year seven KEVIGS students presented their history project in an exhibition held in Edward Street Hall. The project was focused around Louth’s local history; students spent their history lessons in November and December researching and developing their knowledge on Louth and surrounding areas from the past to the present. By developing their knowledge on the area, students were able to create a project covering a range of topics and places that are special to Louth such as St James Church, Louth during WWI and WWII, the Louth market, suffragettes in Louth, the railway station, the Priory Hotel and the school’s history. These were then displayed for parents, friends and staff to come and see.

Some examples of the work displayed included a giant model of St James Church, models of houses destroyed in the Louth flood of 1920 and displays of medals their great-grandparents had been awarded for their efforts in WWII. A few students even did further research into their own family history which they then shared at the exhibition.

The night had an amazing atmosphere as students were excited to show off their new-found knowledge and displays to everyone who attended.

Here’s what the students had to say about the event:

“The history project for me was a very big success, not just for my group, but for all of the groups that presented. I think that the project we completed on RAF Scampton was good. I also thought it was amazing looking round at other people’s unique models and cool fact sheets. One of my favourites was the huge model of St James Church. All together I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Sonny Hollingsworth

“I really enjoyed the history project! It was a great chance to research and learn about new things with friends. We did about Cleethorpes and I found out many facts that I had not known before. This was a good experience and I loved making our display. The actual event was also great and most of the Year 7s excelled my expectations. It was fun to learn more about Louth.” Ruby Leak

“In our project we did about the Louth Flood of 1920. We made a model of a wrecked house with water in it and we did a PowerPoint as well. We also saw all of the other groups work and it was amazing!” Jude Chacko

“The Local History Project was a success as many friends and family came to see what we had produced. There were lots of models and posters on many different categories, from Cleethorpes to the RAF. Some people even brought in medals that their Great-Grandparents had won in WWII.” Elizabeth Bartlett

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