Connections with Prague

On Wednesday 12th December, the students of 7SBP were able to participate in a Skype call with their online pen pals from Prague. This is the second year of our link to the Porg Grammar School in Prague. The point to having this connection abroad is that the students can learn about other cultures that are both different to their native one and different to the cultures of the languages they study at school (French and Spanish). It also gives them the opportunity to teach other countries about their own culture. After emailing back and forth since October, Mr Rufer (the teacher from Prague) and Mrs Parker decided it would be a brilliant idea to organise the Skype link, which the students were very excited about!

To start the call, KEVIGS students sang the famous Christmas hymn, ‘Away in a Manger’, followed up by playing some music. Afterwards, some of the students went up to the webcam individually and were able to spend a few minutes introducing themselves properly to their online pen pal; they then chatted further, asking and answering each other’s questions about school, hobbies, their towns and what they do at Christmas. At one point, two of our students, Luke Brumpton and Joshua Brindle, gave a musical contribution by playing ‘Jingle Bells’ on their clarinet and saxophone, followed by some of the students from Prague playing a very catchy piece of music.

Again, there was time for the rest of the students to speak to their online pen pal, before the KEVIGS students sang ‘Jingle Bells’, which, fantastically, the Prague students were able to join in on at the chorus! They further discussed Christmas and carols, singing ‘Silent Night’ together; our pupils, in English, and the pupils from Prague, in Czechoslovakian.

To finish the call, the Prague students tried teaching our students some Czechoslovakian. KEVIGS then held up a banner saying ‘Merry Christmas’, before waving goodbye.

Mrs Parker said, “It was a pleasure to see our pupils speaking in front of their own class and the class in Prague. I am sure they are gaining a lot of knowledge about life in Prague and the similarities and differences to their lives here.”

Whilst another Skype call is potentially on the cards for later in the year, it is now up to the students to keep in touch with their pen pals themselves, and keep their friendships going.


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