Elf Inductions

Over the past couple of weeks, year seven students have been on their journey to become elves at KEVIGS Elf Academy! After being initiated to the academy by Ms Smethurst, (who has spent the last four weeks in training at the North Pole), the students started creating Christmas cheer by designing and making the front design of a Christmas card.

The idea behind the project is that the students learn the true meaning of Christmas by becoming ‘fantastic elves in the local area’; their designs are put onto a Christmas card, and all of the cards will be distributed to people within Louth’s local hospice and nursing homes. Each card simply says it is from an elf at KEVIGS as to teach the pupils the importance of selfless acts and brightening the day of someone else simply for the joy of it.

The art department hope to continue this again next Christmas, perhaps even taking some students to the hospice and nursing homes to distribute the cards themselves, as well as having a fund raiser to collect money for these organisations.


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