KEVIGS Pupils ‘Go Green’

Two year seven students from 7SBP, Uma McDaid and Maggie Law, have won the Rotary GoRYTE (Rotary Youth Team Enterprise) 2018 Competition after creating a model made completely from recyclables they collected from Hubbard’s Hills in order to promote saving the environment, a cause important to them both. The idea behind the Rotary Competition is that the pupils work together with their friends to create a project that can help make a difference in the local community. It is open to all students aged 10 to 18, with a minimum of two members in each team. This was the competition’s second year of running. The girls attended the presentation event on Sunday 18th November, where they received a £500 prize.

Whilst they originally started the project at their primary school, the girls are so passionate about the cause that they have decided to carry it on forward into their secondary school experience and are keen environmentalists.

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to both Uma and Maggie. They told me that their inspiration behind the whole project was David Attenborough and his TV documentary series ‘Blue Planet’, and how they too would love to help create a safe and cleaner environment where both animals and humans can live beside each other, just as Attenborough does. Maggie and Uma proceeded to tell me how they’d spent two whole days in Hubbard’s Hills collecting bin bags full of rubbish. They then sorted through the bags to find all recyclables that were good enough for the model, before washing them down and using them to create “Recyclable Ryan”, the life size model (shown in the picture below) with which they won first prize.

Overall, the girls and their grandmas managed to gather up six bin bags full of recyclables (mainly bottles and cans) and five bin bags of non-recyclables. Uma and Maggie told me, “We really enjoyed the project and would recommend doing it but found it disgraceful and alarming how much rubbish there was.”

On Wednesday 28th November, the girls attended ‘Melvyn in the Morning’ on BBC Radio Lincolnshire where they got ten minutes of air time to speak to the presenter about their project, what had inspired them and what they’re planning to do next. (For anyone interested in listening to the interview, it’s on the BBC Radio iPlayer, with the girls coming on at 1:14:52!)

Though the journey doesn’t stop there; it is also a possibility that the town council may use “Recyclable Ryan” for advertising of recycling and litter collection, whilst Uma and Maggie have said to the shop owner at Hubbard’s Hills that they will come back every so often to collect the accumulations of rubbish.


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