Exceptional Holistic Achievements

Without doubt this is my favourite and busiest time of the academic year.  So far I have clocked up eight out of ten working nights out in the past two weeks with a further 3 or 4 to go next week.  I never, ever begrudge this commitment or the impact it has – never have I needed so much coffee! J

The reason for this is the enormous sense of pride I feel in attending the myriad of events like last week’s Christmas Concert which was an incredible success with some amazingly talented individuals.  Then fast forward to Tuesday night’s annual Combined Cadet Force Christmas Dinner and prize giving.  Many of the faces are similar, lots of them – almost without exception – receiving awards, promotions, commendations or other form of recognition for the service, leadership and commitment they have shown throughout the year.  This includes commitment to weekly training, trips, camps and exercises as well as shooting and flying with the Army and RAF.

Then of course – in line with the education we aim to provide some of the same faces appear again but this time in sport and in particular in cross-country, driving the school forward to a clean sweep in the most recent District Cross Country finals.  You can find more details about these achievements in our Parents’ Newsletters section of our website at http://www.kevigs.org/parents-newsletters/4571347217

All of these are of course amazing achievements and central to the broader, holistic and academic education we seek to provide.  As part of our growth plan and part of the consultation we will be looking actively at the ways in which we can continue to broaden our enrichment offer and offer all students the opportunity to engage fully in this broader and important aspect of their personal development. Our starting point will be to start to consider the shape of our school day and look at the ways we might be able to re-organise.  More to follow in the New Year!

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