Cross Country Cleans Up

60 Cross Country runners from King Edwards took part in the District Cross Country finals on Friday 7th December at Hubbard’s Hills.  They were joined by about 750 runners from 13 other secondary schools in the area.

The success of the King Edwards teams was absolutely outstanding with every age group coming first.  The points system for cross country means that the team with the lowest points are the winners.

Y7 Girls       1st      KEVIGS                           34 pts

2nd     QUEGS Alford                137 pts

3rd     Caistor Grammar           181 pts

Y7 Boys      1st      KEVIGS                           42 pts

2nd     QUEGS Alford                126 pts

3rd     Caistor Grammar           178 pts

Jnr Girls      1st      KEVIGS                           42 pts

2nd     QUEGS Horncastle        135 pts

3rd     Caistor Grammar           150 pts

Jnr Boys      1st      KEVIGS                           52 pts

2nd     Caistor Grammar           99 pts

3rd     De Aston                        123 pts

Inter Girls   1st      KEVIGS                           64 pts

2nd     QUEGS Alford                79 pts

3rd     Caistor Grammar           93 pts

Inter Boys  1st      KEVIGS                           68 pts

2nd     Caistor Grammar           8 pts

3rd     John Spendluffe            190 pts

Out of the 120 students who qualified – 43 were King Edward’s students.  They will all go on to the Country Cross Country Championships at Burghley Park, Stamford on 19th January.

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