KEVIGS gets Quizzing

On Friday 23rd November, twelve KEVIGS students from year 10 and year 12 set off to Nottingham High School to compete in a quiz competition organised by Mr Jeffery. The competition included six other schools including Boston Grammar School, Stamford Grammar School, Grantham Girls’ School, Nottingham High School, Nottingham Girls’ School and Dixie Grammar School.

The students were split into two teams of six, each competing to their best ability to do KEVIGS proud. During the quiz, they answered questions on a broad range of subjects such as history, geography, music and science. Bronte Gray, a year 12 student who was a key member of one of our quiz teams, said, “It was a really fun day and a good experience. It was nice to have the chance to compete against other schools and the topics in the quiz were interesting and challenging.”

After being as quick on the buzzer as possible, KEVIGS came second place out of the ten other teams competing.


The photo shows two year 12 students, Adam Wintein and Bronte Gray, who took part in one of the quiz teams.

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