Global Languages Day

On Wednesday 26th September it was Global Languages Day at school. Typically, most schools will host a European Languages Day, however, many of our students speak languages from other areas of the world (such as Asia), not just languages in Europe. The 2018 census showed over 17 languages are spoken by students of KEVIGS, including: Russian, Spanish, French, Rumanian, Urdu, Arabic, Greek, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Telugu, Yoruba, Afrikaans, Maldivian, Turkish, Korean and British Sign Language.

To start off the day, form groups were able to take part in a quiz on different languages. The Language Department challenged staff members to try to incorporate different languages in to their lessons that day.  In maths lessons, some teachers used references to Latin, Arabic and Thai numbers were taught to students and Mr Appleby used Mandarin in his lessons. Also, some of our English teachers began their lessons in French. The Language Department hosted language taster clubs in Greek, German and Portuguese during lunch time for students to attend if they wanted to get a feel for a new language.

Recently in school, we’ve introduced new features to try to encourage and celebrate the fact we have so many different languages spoken in school. For example, we now have different international facts every day on briefing, and Mrs Turner is currently in the process of setting up a GCSE Italian club at a lunch time for students for want to start learning a new language.

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