Professional Directs Students

Year 11 drama students at the Riverhead Theatre took part in an open session after watching a ’Frankenstein’ rehearsal with the director Iqbal Khan.  The project was part of King Edward’s on-going commitment to extend learning beyond the curriculum.

The Year 11 students have been involved with Box Clever Theatre Company  since the beginning of year 10 in an extended project of workshops and rehearsals, in which they have helped shape the script for the company’s adaptation of ‘Frankenstein.’

The project finishes next week with a performance in school for all year 10 and 11s. ‘Frankenstein’ is a set English text at GCSE and these experiences will have helped students develop there understanding of the text outside of the classroom environment.

Headmaster James Lascelles praised the Box Clever initiative “this type of project really helps students develop their learning beyond the classroom providing an inspirational insight into the working of a professional theatre company”

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